When the sugarcane juice which is purified and concentrated arrives at sugar fabrication, it is concentrated still further in evaporators and later cookers, where crystallization of sucrose occurs through the addition of small crystals (seeds).

The mass, composed of crystals and the fraction of sugar which still hasn't crystallized, is sent to centrifuges, where high speed spinning and an injection of steam expels the liquid part of the mixture. This liquid is returned to sugar recuperation or is sent to ethanol production. The crystals which are removed from the centrifuge are passed through a dryer and finally sent to storage.

The sugar is classified differently depending on its degree of purity, or, by its color and humidity content. Renuka do Brasil produces VHP (Very High Polarization) type sugar and Crystal type sugar.

VHP sugar is less white and normally exported in bulk, to then go through a refining process and be transformed into finished sugar for consumption. Crystal sugar is very white (color 150 by ICUMSA method) and is sold in 50 kg sacks or in flexible containers of 1,200 kg, mainly for factories, on the domestic or foreign markets.

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