Personnel Management

Increasingly the greatest preoccupation of large companies is with the management of their professionals. Productivity and excellence are directly related to the empowerment of people. Seeking continuous improvement, Renuka do Brasil S/A has the objective of appreciating its human capital, which makes a great difference in competition and innovation among organizations.

Recruitment and Selection

Renuka do Brasil is directly engaged in seeking out potentially qualified professionals, to fill diverse positions within the organization. The company has a priority for internal recruitment, offering its employees opportunities for professional growth. With external recruitment, it looks to renew and enrich its team with new ideas and the exchange of experiences.

Aiming for new talents, the company invests in three important programs, to wit: Project Trainee, finalized in 2010, which proposes the hiring of young recently graduated people that fit the company's profile; Paid Training, which seeks students of universities and technical courses with the objective of preparing them for future opportunities in the company; the project for the hiring of Apprentices offers professional qualification, directly linked to practical experience within the organization.

Training and Development

Renuka do Brasil S/A recognizes human potential as a fundamental strategy for the company's development and success. With this objective, they invest in internal promotion of its employees, qualifying more than 400 professionals per year in various functions. It's worth mentioning the qualification of rural workers for mechanization of cane cutting.

The development of abilities and competences is vital for the success of the company and its personnel. Concerning its professionals Renuka do Brasil S/A offers a scholarship program with 40% reimbursement of the course cost. Since the creation of the program, more than 250 employees were awarded. The scholarships are offered at the levels of technical course, university, and post-graduate, encompassing all areas of the company.

Remuneration and Benefits

Group Renuka offers its employees remuneration and benefits compatible with the market, seeking to value and retain qualified professionals through a system of awards, profit sharing, medical, dental, pharmaceutical, educational, and recreational assistance, as well as other aid. Social Services provide participation and integration between the company and its employees, in the development of social projects related to Sports and Leisure. Some of these projects are: