Mill Madhu

Mill Madhu is one of the five largest sugar/ethanol units in the world, with milling capacity of 6.5 million/tons of sugarcane divided in two milling lines.

It also supports the largest cogeneration from bagasse, with 138MW installed capacity, which also uses cane 'trash', with cutting edge technology for separation and processing. More than 560,000 MWh of energy are generated for sale per season from four boilers with pressure of 65 kgf/cm2.

The maximum production capacity for VHP is 3,350 tons per day and 59,000 sacks of crystal sugar (ICUMSA 150) per day. The maximum production of hydrous ethanol is of 1,600 m3 per day of which up to 750 m3 can be anhydrous ethanol, resulting from the pioneer molecular sieve system.

Additionally, more than 8,000 tons of dry yeast with up to 43% protein, produced from alcoholic fermentation can be generated each season.